Lemlem at J. Crew


I was so excited when AphroChic reader, Brandie, told me know about Lemlem, a beautiful line of children’s clothing designed by supermodel and International Goodwill Ambassador Liya Kebede. And I was even more excited when I found out that J. Crew had partnered with Liya to offer a selection of the Lemlem clothing line in its Crewcuts Collection.

Lemlem at J. Crew

Handmade in Ethiopia from natural cotton, Lemlem offers playful and modern clothing for infants, children and women “with a spirit undeniably African”.

Girls’ Lemlem Sundress

Girls’ Lemlem Embroidered Dress

Lemlem, meaning “bloom” or “flourish”, is a modern expression of ancient Ethiopian techniques that include embroidery and hand weaving. Started as a way to support Ethiopian weavers and preserve ancient techniques, Lemlem offers a collection of delicate and handcrafted pieces that will be loved for some time.

hoodie lem lem
Lemlem Hoodie

Girls’ Lemlem Folklore Skirt

J. Crew loves Lemlem and I have to say, so do I. With beautiful handcrafted items, a wonderful purpose and Liya’s leadership, Lemlem highlights the absolute beauty of African design and is helping weavers in Liya’s home country flourish.

Thank you for sharing Brandie!

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{All pieces featured are available in J. Crew’s Crewcuts collection}

5 replies
  1. Get Togetha
    Get Togetha says:

    I love Liya…she’s so darn beautiful you wanna hate her…LOL. Teaming up with JCrew is a good look…they are getting so much fanfare because of Michelle O…

  2. LallaLydia
    LallaLydia says:

    Uber cute and of course Liya is radiant as always. I love the clothes even more knowing that they help support Ethiopian weavers. We can add this to my mental collection of things I dress my fantasy children in (along with little Moroccan outfits and torrero jackets, poor things…Still better than the head to toe adidas tracksuit and matching tennies by friend bought her newborn!)

  3. TJ
    TJ says:

    I’ve been following this line for a couple of seasons. The J Crew deal is going to be so great for the growth of the company.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Jeanine, this is just what I need–more little dresses to covet for the baby on the way! :) These are just gorgeous!



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