Bo Concept’s 2010 Color Story

bo concept accessories 2010

In both fashion and home decor, there is something really amazing happening this fall – it’s all about color. When I think about fall I immediately think of rusty hues, muted tones and dark colors, but this year the rules have changed. Pops of color in the home are not only encouraged, they are a necessity. A fantastic move in these recession-weary times, color inspires a happy outlook at home, and I am absolutely in love.

bo concept office 2010

The accessories in Bo Concept’s 2010 catalog highlight the perfect fall color story – pops of yellow, teal, purple and pink seem to be everywhere. In modern homes that are so white, black and grey these days, these colorful accessories will make your interior come to life.

bo concept rugs 2010

My sister and I have had a saying for years now – “pop it!”. And that’s what these accessories do. Strong pops of color are what make these rooms look and feel spectacular.

bo concept living 2010

bo concept cushions 2010

So, what do you think about all of the bright colors this fall? Do you see a way to work them into your interior?

For more color inspiration check out the Bo Concept 2010 catalog right here.

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