Anthropologie Statement Rugs

anthro statement rugs

Make a statement on the floor with these graphic rugs at Anthropologie. Beautifully and intricately woven, these rugs are a fantastic way to add signature style at home. Here are three of my favorites. I wish I had a place for them in every room of my home.

keep calm carry on rug

The famed “Keep Calm and Carry On” statement can now be seen underfoot as a constant mantra in the living or dining area.

victorian parlor rug

The Victorian Parlor Rug is a little bit traditional with a modern twist in a yellow and grey color palette.

ikat rug

You can’t go wrong with anything Ikat these days. This Ikat Rug has an amazing pattern and is sure to add a global touch to any living area.

Which amazing carpets are grabbing your attention?

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