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Happy Monday! It is officially Autumn, one of my favorite times of the year. In San Francisco, while the leaves still begin to turn and fall from the trees, Autumn is our warmest time of year. Finally the summer clothes come out of the closet, girls wear dresses and skirts, and fog no longer blankets the city. I was looking for something to express the joy of these days in San Francisco, and the work of London designer Sophie Cook felt just right.


I discovered Sophie’s work through one of my favorite online boutiques, Horne. Her seemingly delicate vessels come in a rainbow of hues and can be mixed and matched in both size and color. Pods, teardrops and bottles, each one looks absolutely beautiful on its own or in a group.

sophie cook yellow_teardrop

Each piece is handmade, and the silhouette changes as the light hits it. Made to be a three dimensional still life, each vessel is truly a unique piece of art.

sophie cook Group_1

Sophie’s work reminds me of these fleeting summer days in San Francisco – light, colorful and unique. See more right here.

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