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david henderson daisies

I am a fan of beautiful photography, and I love the work featured at 19SIXTY3.  The photographic prints are intriguing. 

david henderson yacht

The website reads:
1963 was a memorable year :
British Secretary of War John Profumo resigns in the wake of an affair with Christine Keeler, a teenage showgirl who was also involved with the Soviet naval attaché.
Martin Luther King delivers “I have a dream” speech – August 28th
President Kennedy assasinated in Dallas – November 22nd
The first commercial nuclear reactor goes online at the Jersey Central Power Company
The Beatles release thier album ‘Please Please Me’
The Great Train Robbery takes place in Buckinghamshire – August 8th
‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ are released in the U.S., marking the beginning of full-scale Beatlemania – December 26th

david henderson millenium bridge
Millenium Bridge

The photography feels just as interesting as the year it represents.  You can view more right here.

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