New York Part I: Anthropologie Windows

Anthropologie New York Window 2

One of my favorite places in New York is 50 Rockefeller Plaza. Of course I love Rockefeller Center for all of the wonderful things it offers – the Christmas tree, the ice skaters. But I also love that it is the one place where two of my favorite stores sit right across from each other with some fantastic window displays.

Anthropologie New York Window 1

Anthropologie and J. Crew are right there at 50 Rock, and I was so happy when my husband decided to take me on a detour through the city to get a glimpse of the store windows while we were in town.

Anthropologie New York Window 4

Anthropologie’s window display is all about how art influences design. Abstract paintings inspired by their new Paint-By-Number Dinner Plate series are the inspiration for these windows. I absolutely love the swirls of color tempered by outfits in plum, beige and classic black and white.

Anthropologie New York Interior 2

Inside the store the colors and patterns are even more inspiring. A mix of pattern and texture comes together so beautifully in this bedroom display.

Anthropologie New York Interior 4

And it feels as if paradise is absolutely at hand with these amazing peacock feathers made by teaspoons. Can you believe it?

Inspiration is absolutely everywhere, and in New York you can find it around every corner. I’ll have more pics from my travels to New York tomorrow!

{Photos taken by Bryan Mason for AphroChic}

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  1. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner
    MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner says:

    Aw—you're in my hometown! I do miss the beauty of the place, especially the super creative window displays, which only get fancier as the holidays approach. Anthropologie has a special knack for appealing to every sense—in both design and style. Thanks for sharing their latest! (Um, seriously? The peacock features are made out of SPOONS?! Who THINKS of something like that?! Ridiculously beautiful and creative…)

  2. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    I know a few people who have worked to do window displays for the company, and they are truly the best of the best – young artists who put forth amazing ideas like a peacock feathers made out of spoons. It really is incredible and so inspiring.


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