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urban bazaar brains and beauty

Searching the web can lead you to some amazing finds, and I was elated when I came upon the etsy shop, Urban Bazaar. Offering re-imagined WWII posters with a uniquely urban twist, there is no other way to describe these posters but cool.

urban bazzar cute and pretty

The Urban Bazaar profile reads: My style is very ethnic and earthy. If you like things like Neo-soul music, natural products, or spoken word, you’ll probably really love my…products. Well, I love all of those things, and I love these prints!

urban bazaar black and beautiful

At just $16 a print, they are an affordable way to add style to your home, and they would look perfect in a shabby chic style white frame. I absolutely want them all!

Which one would you like to have at home?

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  1. About AphroChic
    About AphroChic says:

    Amy Lee, one of these posters would look beautiful on a turqoise wall! I think the orange would provide a nice pop of color against a blue wall. I'm thinking of one for our entryway. It is sure to look spectacular!


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