A Warming Trend

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Pretty florals, splashes of color, and a sense of whimsy seem to be showing up in the worlds of fashion and decor this year.  Warm shades of lilac, coral and bubblegum pink are finding their way into our homes and our wardrobes and at the most interesting time – during winter.

Feminine_bedroom living etc.
Living Etc.

The season for snow, sweaters, and cozy nights has just begun, and yet, items for fashion and home decor are already showing us signs of spring.  No, this is not just the early push to think ahead to the next season, but instead there is a change in the air.  Winter is getting warmer, and moving beyond the usual heavy textures and dark colors.

hbx-decorating-Berger-1-0709-xlg house beautiful
House Beautiful

Today there is a lighter more hopeful mood, that includes warm colors and an ethereal feeling we haven’t seen before.

gasl_green_rooms_07mar_26_bamboo console

This trend is truly exciting, as the darkness of the winter months is being met with visions of flowers, bright colors, and layers of feminine style. 

livingroom1_001 living etc
Living Etc.

If you are looking for a winter pick-me-up, find ways to bring this trend home.  A floral duvet atop your flannel sheets will rid you of those winter blues.  A vase full of pink peonies will make it feel as if warmer weather is just around the corner.  And some pom-poms can add the perfect airy touch at your next wintertime gathering.

Things are getting warm.  How do you feel about the warming trend this winter?

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