Mirror Mirror On The Wall: AQHayon Mirror

aqhayonmirror on generate design

First, I must apologize for being MIA yesterday. Unfortunately I have come down with a case of food poisoning that has left me out of commission for a couple of days. I am on the mend, and hope to be all better by the weekend. And anyway, I will not let a bout of food poisoning keep me away from the thing I love most, writing about beautiful design.


A few days ago I came across this gorgeous mirror by designer Jamie Hayon. A little bit on the pricey side, but absolutely gorgeous, the AQHayon Mirror is all about adding glamour to the bathroom, many times a forgotten space in home decor.


Made with modern laser-cutting technology, the AQHayon Mirror is as elegant and sophisticated as mirrors come. Available in stainless steel or white or black silkscreen versions, these mirrors are so versatile they would look just as gorgeous in an entryway or dining room wall.

For now, I will have to dream of having a mirror this beautiful, and will keep the AQHayon Mirror on my wishlist of gorgeous things that I just have to have one day.

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