Green Is In

fashionable market bag

In San Francisco plastic bags were banned a couple of years ago.  On a trip, whether to the grocery store or a favorite boutique, carrying a tote bag is definitely in fashion.  A few weeks ago I came across these market tote bags by Atlanta-based company, Fashionable Notes.

fashionable notes market bag

Created by designer Aubrey Lenyard, these eco-friendly tote bags are designed with the fashion savvy in mind.

green is the new black

These reusables totes are definitely chic, with cute tag lines like “Fashionista Gone Green” and “I Carry Hermes, Kors, and Vuitton But Never Paper or Plastic”.  And in just a few weeks Fashionable Notes will be coming out with a jute collection of market bags, perfect for an afternoon picnic or trip to the beach. 

If you’re ready to skip carrying paper and plastic and want to go green in fashion, check out more Fashionable Notes totes right here. 

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