Jimmie Karlsson’s Edgy Abode

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I was recently on a walk here in the city, and had a quick conversation with a visiting couple. They asked me the usual, “Are you from San Francisco?” And I answered, the usual, “No. I’m from the East Coast.” Then the gentleman asked, “Is there anything you miss about living back East?” And I had to answer honestly, “Yes, the edge.” I love my laidback life here on the left coast, but I have to admit there is something about the edginess of a Northeast city that I really miss.

jimmy karlsson london home living etc3

My desire for that urban edge drew me to this amazing London Home featured in the February issue of Living Etc. The home of furniture designer Jimmie Karlsson includes a cool mix of baroque furniture, graffiti-inspired wallpaper, ornate accessories, and upcycled pieces.

jimmy karlsson london home living etc2

All dressed up, but with an urbane feel, this home takes tradition with a twist to a whole new level.

jimmy karlsson london home living etc4

With an ornate mirror spray-painted in punky orange and red, and an antique sofa outfitted in black velvet, Karlsson’s space is innovative, eclectic, and definitely edgy.

jimmy karlsson london home living etc5

If only there was room for one more in this cool London flat.

{Images: Living Etc.}

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