Beautiful Porcelain By Estudio Manus

alada gold winged teacup

For years, one of my favorite things has been to collect tea sets.  I have an infatuation with beautiful things, and there is something so beautiful about a delicate porcelain cup sitting atop a saucer.  A year ago I spotted a set of these beautiful teacups by Brazilian designer Estudio Manus.  Handmade with 100% porcelain, and detailed with 18K gold wings, these teacups are so unique and very special.


With a clear love for creating beautiful tableware, work by designer Estudio Manus is subtle and elegant, with surprising elements like golden wings, or a quiet Buddha.


Pieces come in a recycled wood gift box as part of this designer’s ode to simple, yet elegant style.


You can find a collection of pieces by Estudio Manus at one of my favorite online boutiques, Horne, as well as other unique treasures for the home.

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