Kishani Perera Interior Design

kishani perera4

If there was ever an interior designer who I would consider my design soulmate it would have to be Kishani Perera.  Her interiors leave me absolutely breathless. 

kishani perera2

With a unique design perspective and a confidence that shines through, Kishani shows how traditional ideas can be challenged; how designers can be innovative and surprising and yet still create beautiful and luxurious spaces.

kishani perera

I am absolutely in love with the eclectic mix of color and style in this L.A. atelier that she designed.  Jeweled tones are grounded by neutral pieces like the gray sofa and beige loveseat.  And the amazing mix of mid-century modern, rustic pieces and vintage antiques work perfectly in rooms that complement one another through the use of gray and green hues that follow throughout the space.  Each room is like a jewelry box, opening up with more exciting things for the eye to see.

kishani perera5

I love all of the ikat and kuba cloth pillows, and can’t help but imagine my own Haze Mimosa pillow sitting within one of the many gorgeous seating areas that this L.A. home possesses.

kishani perera3

This is just one Kishani’s amazing interiors.  You must visit her website to see more of her incredible work.

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