Liya And Andre In The Swing Of Things


Sorry for today’s late post.  I have been diligently working on some new ideas for the AphroChic Shop, but I had to drop in with some images that I think are just perfect for this week leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

vogue Liya_Kebede_Andre_3000_bb_4

These images from last year’s Vogue shoot are a favorite of mine.  Musician Andre 3000 and model Liya Kebede are absolutely sweet in this colorful photo shoot.


Not only am I in love with the throw-back style that Andre and Liya are sporting, but the bold prints and colors present in each photo are absolutely beautiful.


This Valentine’s Day put a little swing in your step with some old-school romance.  Doesn’t it look fun?

{Images: Vogue Magazine}

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