Original Art: Silja Goetz

silja goetz illustration woman

It’s always exciting to view an artist’s portfolio. Every week I enjoy discovering new work from artists around the country, and around the world. Today, I want to introduce the work of illustrator Silja Goetz. Silja is an illustrator whose roots are in Germany, and who currently resides in Madrid, Spain (how I envy her).

silja goetz illustration

Her work has been featured in some of my favorite magazines, including New York Magazine, Vogue and Nylon.

Silja Goetz Illustration Lantern

I just love how Silja’s illustrations incorporate paper.  Cut-outs are layered on top of each other to create each piece.  The cut pieces of paper help to make each scenario feel just a little bit playful. 

silja goetz illustration dance

You can view Silja’s complete portfolio to see her other paper creations that are fun and intriguing.

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