Bespoke Wallpaper from Hermitage


I would like to introduce you to Hermitage.  This Portland-based company offers the best in bespoke wallpaper from around the world.  Owner Jennifer June treats her wallpaper collection like a specially curated art exhibit.  Pieces in the Hermitage collection are hand picked and are often limited editions and exclusive to the shop.  The prints and patterns offered are absolutely gorgeous.


I recently fell in love with the Wall Decoration collection by Lene Toni Kjeld.  Kjeld’s pieces make me think back to the faded walls of my great-grandmother’s home.  Each piece is crafted to look like faded lace.


Soft and subtle, this wallpaper adds a delicate pattern to each space.


And created to mix and match, I could see a home filled with each pattern in the Wall Decoration collection.  Visit Hermitage to see more of Kjeld’s beautiful work, and a diverse collection of papers that will bring your walls to life.

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