Original Art: Muneza Art


The work of Canadian artist Karen Muneza Bambonye is truly breathtaking.  Modern and vibrant reflections of daily life, Karen turns the objects that we look upon simply every day – a cup, a piece of fruit, a basket – into works of art.


Her inspiration for each piece stems from her cultural heritage.  The pieces in her Etsy shop, Muneza Art, pay homage to her African, Italian and Canadian background.


One of my favorite pieces is her African Baskets painting.  It makes me think of beautiful handwoven Rwandan baskets.


And this piece, Grandma’s Cup, is so colorful and detailed, with a personal story of a grandmother’s teacup collection providing meaning to the work.

You can see more of Karen’s work at Muneza Art.  With prints and even cards available, there is something here for every budget.

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