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I’m such a fan of the work of interior designer Vanessa De Vargas from Turquoise LA.  You’ve likely seen her work in a number of shelter mags, and recently in Nesting Newbies.

Turquoise LA venice06

Turquoise LA venice03

These photos are from a project that Vanessa did in Venice, CA that was featured in Sunset Magazine.  One of the most beautifully decorated spaces I have ever seen, I love how Vanessa blends modern and vintage, high-end items with reasonably priced pieces, and colors like red and gray.

Turquoise LA venice01

Turquoise LA venice04

The end result is an absolutely beautiful California abode that’s cozy and modern, with high-impact items like splashes of color in the form of red wallpaper, beautiful decorative mirrors, and tons of gorgeous lighting.

Turquoise LA venice02

For more form Turquoise LA visit the site.  You’re also going to love the vintage furniture and the company’s e-decorating services.  Check it out!

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