Happy Birthday AphroChic!

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It’s hard to believe that this month marks AphroChic’s third birthday!  It was three years ago that I started on an amazing journey, sharing my love of interior design with an audience of online friends.  I remember distinctly my first 20 followers, and how thrilled I was that 20 people shared my passion.  And now, three years later, over 35,000 people come to visit this blog every month.  I am overjoyed that people continue to find AphroChic inspiring.

Along my three year journey I have also learned a lot about myself as a designer.  If it were not for this blog and for all of you I would never have found the courage to start my own company and my own pillow line!  The words Thank You are not enough to express how grateful I am to so many of you who have supported me.

To celebrate the blog’s birthday and this wonderful journey, we are giving 15% off ANY AphroChic pillow at the AphroChic Shop throughout the entire month of April!  So, be sure to choose your favorite.  Use code “Three” at checkout.  We also have a new newsletter up on our Facebook page with some more birthday news.

There will be more birthday goodies and giveaways throughout the month!  Thank you for making this journey an incredible one!

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