The Summer of Color


If the neon green dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the U.S. premiere of Sex And The City 2 is any indication, color is definitely in this summer.  Shocking hues, electric highlights, an anything that makes a splash is in right now in both fashion and home decor.


It feels like the eighties are all grown up, as hot pink and bold orange look mature when integrated with classic furniture shapes.  These colors can be tempered by warm wooden hues, and bits of silver and black, so that they don’t overwhelm a space.


Not only are citrus hues making a huge comeback, but they’re bolder than ever in floral and stripe designs.  With just the right mix, the effect is absolutely beautiful.


I’m still pretty neutral at home, except for some hot pinks  that make there way in from time to time, but I absolutely love the new ode to color that is happening in design right now.  It’s fun, refreshing, and well…colorful!  What do you think about the summer of color?

{Images: Living Etc.}

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