Style Talk: Nicole Sassaman

Interior Designer Nicole Sassaman

This month’s Style Talk interview is with interior designer, and AphroChic sponsor, Nicole Sassaman.  Nicole is not your typical interior designer.  Her designs are equal parts stylish and sassy. Each space she designs highlights her vision for creating innovative spaces.   Rumored to work in high heels and even a Gucci tool belt (I have to see that!), Nicole has been featured on HGTV, E!, and Fine Living, and has stopped by today to tell us about her upcoming book and one-of-a-kind design services. 

When did you first fall in love with design? 

The moment my mother put a crayon in my hand!       
Where does your inspiration come from as a designer?   
I am constantly inspired by new products and enjoy trying out a new idea.  I love being the first to try a plaster or crazy wallpaper and finding a way to make it work.  I also get a lot of fabulous ideas from window displays in stores.  Open your eyes, really take in your surroundings and you will become inspired too!

Portfolio Interior Designer Nicole Sassaman

Tell us a little about your interior design philosophy. 
When I work with a client I try to find out who they are and where they want to go with the space.  I want to know and understand their favorite designs in restaurants and shops.  Then I create a space that will inspire them to move forward with their dreams.  I believe that your surroundings have a direct impact on you. If you change your space, you can change your life. I want people to live in a space that inspires them!
You’ve  already designed so many amazing spaces, including a revamp of the Greta Garbo Estate.  Is there still a dream  space out there that you would love to design? 
I would love to develop a mid-century home in Palm Springs or Trousdale Estates in Los Angeles.

Portfolio Interior Designer Nicole Sassaman

Your Design In A Box service is definitely outside of the box.  How has it  helped those who could not otherwise afford an interior design service?
The idea for Design In A Box came when I started getting hundreds of e-mails from people who saw my spaces and wanted to know what paint color I used or where a certain chair came from. I couldn’t keep up with the e-mails, so I decided to create a way for people to buy a box with the secret recipes to my already designed rooms in them. I thought that creating new designs for people and putting them in a box would be a great service for those who are on the run like me. I hope that it will help them make changes in their space a little faster and easier.
You have  an interior design blog, Design Life.   Has being a blogger brought a new element to your experience as a designer?
The blog allows me to share great design tips and bring resources to people’s finger tips and I love that!  I just love to help people find a way to create a better space for themselves.

Portfolio Interior Designer Nicole Sassaman

In  addition to being a designer and a blogger, you’re also an author.  Your newest book, Sassy Tips, is about  to hit bookstands across the country.  What can readers expect from this latest offering?  Will there be a tour to promote the  book? 
We are going to launch the book with a signing at West Elm in Santa Monica this August.  Sassy Tips is another way to inspire people on both a small and large scale.  It will empower readers to change their space and change their life!

With so  many new projects on the horizon, what can we expect to see next from Nicole Sassaman?

I have some really fun show ideas that I hope to get on the air.  I’d love to work in new mediums to share great ideas with people who are designing their spaces.
Nicole, we will be watching!  And if you live in the Santa Monica area, definitely look out for Nicole’s book tour this August.  Sassy Tips sounds like it’s sure to be an inspiring read.  

{Images: Nicole Sassaman design portfolio}
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