Morocco Modern

Shootfactory: morocco modern 3

I have dreamed for years of moving away to a foreign country to start a new life.  Morocco is one of the countries I would love to live in.  Many times when you think about Morocco you think of gold lanterns, and sparkling textiles.  But this modern Moroccan home is definitely outside of the box, and I am loving it. 

Shootfactory: morocco modern 4

Open and breezy white spaces are brought to life with modern lighting, kitschy fabrics in pink and yellow,  and bold patterns that sit next to traditional Moroccan architecture.

Shootfactory: morocco modern

This space has the perfect blend of traditional architecture, modern decor, and warm accessories.  I could settle in right now.

Shootfactory: morocco modern 2

The end result is a modern Moroccan interior with a cozy and soulful vibe.

Have you ever thought about moving to another country?  Where would you go?

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