Doryn Wallach Design

Doryn Wallach

I love this home by New York interior designer Doryn Wallach.  This New York City townhouse is glamorous and comfy, with a lovely blend of texture, metallic accessories and bold patterns.  Contemporary and sophisticated, this home is an urban oasis in the busy city.

Doryn Wallach 2

While this room has a neutral palette, it is full of eye-catching elements including the oversized seating and luxurious ottoman.

Doryn Wallach 3

Metallic lighting makes this entryway come to life.

Doryn Wallach 4

This black and white wallpaper print is classic.  The bold graphic adds a fun touch to the space.

This weekend I will be staying in to enjoy my own personal oasis.  Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone!  See you back here on Tuesday, July 6th.   

{Images: David Lewis Taylor for Doryn Wallach Design}

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