My Life Is An Open Book…


I am so excited to participate in Hello Splendor’s fabulous blog crawl.  Get to know a little more about your favorite bloggers as we write on the topic, My Life is an Open Book.  I loved reading 6th Street Design School’s post yesterday, and can’t wait to read about the life of Will @ Bright Bazaar on Monday!

So, here’s my life…

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Author: Why me of course, Jeanine Hays.  I’ve gotten to know many of you over the years here at AphroChic.  I’m a textile designer who loves to blog and who has a passion for interior design.

Setting: San Francisco, CA.  I would love to say sunny California, but don’t be fooled, Northern California can get cool and foggy.  I’ve lived in Cali for six years, but I’m an east coast girl at heart (more on that later).


Characters: My husband, Bryan Mason.  We’ve been together for fourteen amazing years!  He is the love of my life, my inspiration and my business partner.


I also had to include my super-talented sister Angela Hays.  She is one of my greatest supporters.  I have no idea how many times I’ve roped her into helping me style a shoot or participate in an AphroChic project.  And she is a design talent herself as the Visual Associate for Room & Board in DC.  I’m super-proud of her!


The plot:  Well, it’s a very long story, but it sort of goes like this.  I went to law school in 2001, and somehow became addicted to interior design and home decor (I’m pretty sure it was the Crate & Barrel across the street from school that did it).  After graduating from law school I moved out to Cali and got my first job as a policy attorney.  Two years later I decided to start a blog about my passion, interior design.  Another two years, and I thought…hey, maybe I can also contribute something to the design world.  With a healthy obsession for throw pillows I decided to start my own line and the first AphroChic pillow collection was born!  The journey has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

brooklyn nieghborhood poster

The twist:  Well, it wouldn’t be a good story without a major twist would it?  You know how I told you I was an east coast girl at heart?  After six years on the left coast, my hubby and I made an impromptu decision over the summer to move back east.  In two months we pack our bags for Washington DC and another incredible adventure.  So look out Washington, AphroChic is on its way!

Whew!  My life really is an open book.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check out more Blog Crawl posts next week.

{Images: Girl In The City watercolor; Ork Washington DC Poster}

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