Handmade Objects At Carol Kipling

Gogi Seeds Glass Platter

A beautiful online boutique celebrating the works of artists and designers, Carol Kipling has a wonderful selection of handmade items for the home.

Wooly Thistle Glass Platter

From handblown glass platters to striking coasters, Carol Kipling offers a series of limited edition pieces that will make a bold statement in any interior.

Mixology Coasters

I love the idea of accessories as art, and this online shop seeks to make that a reality.  Working with indie designers from all around the country, this is one shop that has curated a collection full of interesting pieces for every part of the home.

bronze book ends

If you are looking for something a little different, or for a gift for that design-savvy friend, Carol Kipling is definitely the place to shop.

Images: 1. Gogi Seeds Glass Platter; 2. Wooly Thistle Glass Platter; 3. Mixology Coasters; 4. Bronze Book Ends.

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