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I am so excited to be speaking today with jewelry and lighting designer, Dorian Webb.  Dorian’s work has been featured nationally in O At Home, Glamour and Lucky Magazine.  Her style is impeccable and her story absolutely inspiring.  A student at Yale University, Dorian discovered her talent for jewelry design on a semester abroad trip to Venice.  Today she give us some insight into her incredible journey.


Tell us about your journey to jewelry design.

I have always enjoyed creating things. From an early age my parents encouraged me, supplying me with and shuttling me to painting, drawing, ceramic, glassblowing and metal-smithing classes. As much as they encouraged me, they were also afraid that I would follow my artistic dreams.  Studying architecture at Yale seemed to be a good compromise. Creative yet stable. Before I had even graduated, I had started my jewelry company in the living room of my off-campus apartment with my extremely supportive roommate (beads stacked to the ceiling and cardboard boxes everywhere really aren’t anyone’s idea of a great living environment). I haven’t looked back since.


How did the collaboration begin with Crystorama?

Crystorama was familiar with my work through seeing  my collections at trade shows, and because the retail branch of their company carries my chandeliers. They were looking to  branch out a bit in terms of design, and approached me with the idea of a collaboration.

What is the inspiration behind your new collection of chandeliers?  What can readers expect to see? 

Each chandelier collection springs from a group of interrelated ideas. The first group, “Palla” takes on the idea of planes within space, but retains one of my signature themes of rhythm and accentuating points of interest from my jewelry collection. Creating designs that are visually stimulating are important to me. 

Another collection “Fiori” is based on my signature collection of light fixtures, has more to do with the idea of ornamentation and its relationship to structure. An upcoming collection addresses the idea of materiality and our expectations of what light fixtures should comprise.

Is there a difference between jewelry design and lighting design or do you find that the two relate to each other?

For me there’s not a lot of difference when designing either. The motivating factors are the same. Color. Rhythm.  A personal connection to the object.  Creating a backdrop, stage and then filling it with interesting details. Drawing attention to your strengths, and away from those that are not. Creating beautiful objects that inspire.


Do see yourself designing more lighting collections?

While I love designing lighting collections, I would like to explore other areas of the home as well. Designing furniture is something that intrigues me, as does developing a line of floor coverings and textiles.


What does the future hold for Dorian Webb

Now is an exciting time. The company and I are in a transitional phase. I recently got married, and our operations are now based on the west coast. We are now concentrating on licensing opportunities and design projects as well as charitable endeavors where we can contribute our design skills. 

Good luck Dorian!  Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.  Friends, be sure to come back tomorrow for a very special Dorian Webb surprise.

{Images furnished by Crystorama}
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