Original Art: Jasmine Rose

Jasmine Rose (Dirt Worshippher)

I am loving the work of virtual artist and designer, Jasmine Rose.  Jasmine’s works blends photography and graphic design to create pieces that tell a unique story.  Currently getting her BA in Interdisciplinary Art and Design and Ethnic Studies, Jasmine’s pieces cover a cultural and historical perspective.

Jasmine Rose (Nearly Complete)

Jasmine Rose (Galaxy)

Rooted in the visual images of the 60s and 70s, these photos remind me of the ones I saw of my mother and grandmother from back in the day.  Color and graphic imagery breathe new life into each print, bringing them into the 21st Century.

Jasmine Rose (Brick Houses)

You can explore more of Jasmine’s original work on her website, and visit her shop to purchase prints.  I am definitely planning to purchase some for my personal art collection.

{Images: Jasmine Rose}

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