Happy Veteran’s Day


Wow.  November is moving quickly, and Veteran’s Day is here.  For the first time in months I have scheduled a complete day off.  I will be getting some rest before the launch of our fall collection which happens on Monday.  I can’t wait to show you all that we’ve been working on for the AphroChic shop.

If you’re missing AphroChic today, you can also find me here:
– HGTV Design Happens – my latest post on Watercolor Prints.
– You can get a peek of what’s coming to the AphroChic shop in Interior Design Magazine’s Fall Market Tabloid.
– See what CNBC is saying about HGTV Design Happens’ new blogger line-up (including me!).

I wish you all a restful holiday.

{Image: the Soho House New York}

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