Style Talk: Jamie Herzlinger

Jamie Herzlinger

Today I’m excited to bring you a style talk interview with interior designer Jamie Herzlinger.  Jamie’s portfolio is an impressive one.  Known for her ability to design high-end spaces with that special mix of the modern and luxurious, Jamie blends diverse elements creating absolutely breathtaking interiors.  The daughter of fashion designer Nan Herzlinger, Jamie brings her exposure to the fashion world into her designs, adding elements that make a unique statement.  This Arizona and New York-based interior designer has some must-see spaces that you are absolutely going to love!

Tell us about your design philosophy?
My work is inspired by the life and innate style of my craft. Quintessential hallmarks of my design aesthetic are the sense of hip, and luxury with great attention to detail. My philosophy does not encompass chasing the latest trends, but instead places a sharp focus on classical lines within a modern sensibility. Great design and passion for ultimate style is what inspires and fuels everything I do.

After growing up in a fashion industry family, surrounded by such greats as Andre Courreges, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykeil, Anne Klein, and my mother Nan Herzlinger, I could not help but embrace and enjoy my design-based roots.

Jamie Herzlinger - Dining Space

You have a knack for mixing styles? How do you bring varying styles together to create a single, unified look?
The key to combining styles is to make sure that the furnishings stay true to the time period of the architectural style. My work always has a specific time period as the foundation, and the contrast is added in varying degrees. If there is a solid foundation then your statement piece or pieces can receive the attention they deserve.

Jamie Herzlinger - White Bedroom

What are some of your favorite design trends right now?
I don’t like to follow the interior design trends, as they wind up being a costly short -lived experience. Rather, I look to trends in fashion and lifestyle to help inspire contemporary design decisions. For example, the eye make up trend with long lashes and subtle lining inspired thin panel molding in a current client’s house. The detail of lining the walls made all the difference, the same way false eyelashes can complete a look.

Jamie Herzlinger - Living Room

Your Casa Blanca project is so impressive. Can you tell us about the vision for this space?
The inspiration for the Casa Blanca project was my client’s absolute obsession
with Bel Air homes in California, especially the ones from the 1960’s. Her wish was to live in a glam resort. My approach was to reinvent the design slightly to be contemporary while remaining completely true to the style.

Jamie Herzlinger - Blue Living Room

It looks like you’re also working on starting your own shop. Can you tell us a little bit about this latest project?
We are working on the design of a product line that will give clients around the world the opportunity to experience the energy and attitude of what it is like to have front row access to the current trends in interiors and fashion, from vintage to haute couture.


The holidays are almost here! Any tips for readers who are decorating their homes for the holidays?
Absolutely.  The big thing in holiday decorating this year is the color gold with feathers. You can go to your local art supply store and buy boas and use them in place of garland. Glam up the holidays, luxury at its finest!

{Images furnished by Jamie Herzlinger}

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