Felicia Shelton & The Trip To Paris


Sometimes a little thing like blogging can bring about the most incredible experiences.  Things can happen that you least expect, and you can be taken to places that you thought you would only see in your dreams.  That’s what happened here just a few weeks ago when I met photographer Felicia Shelton.


An American living in Seoul, South Korea.  Felicia has traveled the world, her camera in hand, capturing interiors, travel and still lifes through her lens.  Her love for travel and capturing the moment can be seen throughout her portfolio.  I like to think of it as “soulful photography” as every shot immediately evokes an emotional response.


When I was first introduced to Felicia’s work it was after I had read a comment she left on the blog about a favorite artist of mine.  Elle a Seoul was featuring Stina Persson’s work on the cover of the magazine (you must see Felicia’s review here) and Felicia offered to send me some issues.


Soon, we were writing emails back and forth.  For the first time I had an actual virtual penpal, and then the topic of Paris came up.  Felicia is attending Maison & Objet in Paris and asked if I woud like to attend.  Within just days my husband and I found an apartment to stay in, booked our flight, and we will be off to Paris next month for what is sure to be an incredible show.


Like I said, you can never imagine the experiences that blogging will bring.  I can’t wait to take you on the wonderful adventure to Paris and Maison & Objet.  And I also can’t wait to meet a reader of the blog, who has become a friend, and who’s work is absolutely inspiring.


Visit Felicia’s site to view more of her work and visit her blog, This Time Now, to experience what life is like for this amazing photographer who travels the world.

{Images: Felicia Shelton}

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