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David Bromstad

I’m passing through Miami today, and even though I won’t get to see much more than the airport, it’s still the perfect place from which to bring you a Style Talk with Color Splash: Miami host, David Bromstad.  The original HGTV Design Star, David’s energy is absolutely contagious!  We spoke on the phone last week about his show, the move to Miami, and some exciting new projects he’s working on in 2011.  If you love David (and how could you not?), then you are going to love learning about what’s next from this fantastic interior designer.

I am a huge of fan of Color Splash: Miami.  What is your design philosophy, and how does it drive the show?
The show is based on color and showing America that you don’t have to be afraid of color and you can use it in lots of fun ways.  The biggest change in Color Splash this season is the South American and international influence.  Miami is driving the show to be different.  Clients in miami are sophisticated and well-educated about design, and everything in the city is brand new.  This is a city that is embracing the Color Splash philosophy.
David Bromstad, Color Splash Miami

Miami is such a vibrant city with so many different cultures.  What are some of the major cultural influences that Miami has brought to your personal design aesthetic?
Miami pushes me beyond my comfort zone with design.  When we were in San Francisco for six seasons, the aesthetic was more casual, with a focus on warm color, and tones like brown and blue.  In Miami everyone wants pink, lime green, and drama.  When people in this city go to a new bar or restaurant, they see amazing international designers who are here.  That international influence impacts the way they think about design and color.
Talking about pink, what do you think about Pantone’s new color for 2011- Honeysuckle?  
Pantone threw us a loop this year with rich pink, a really fun color that is relevant to what’s happening right now.  Pink and purple have been in style for the past 3 years, and they’re sticking around for some reason.  People are more educated about color, and anyone can tap into pink, and their feminine side.  It’s a fun, sexy color!  Think pink!
David Bromstad, Living Room

Any thoughts on where color is going in 2011?

Looking at trends, color is more saturated, bright and bold.  We are definitely not shying away from color in 2011.  People are wanting to see great color and we’re seeing it.  Even with neutrals, we’re seeing soft hues with a richness to them.  The 80s are also back in a more updated and classic way.  We’re seeing the saturation of fluorescents in more useable ways.  Saturation is the theme of at least early 2011.  
One of the best parts of your show is when you add your own art pieces to liven up a space.  What does painting mean to you as a designer?  And what are your tips for readers who are looking for original art to set their own spaces apart?
Painting is where I’d like to set myself apart from other designers.  I trained as a painter and illustrator, not as an interior designer.

For original pieces, find art in your local community, go to art shows, and you can find work that is really inexpensive.  You can find pieces at these shows that are original and that no one else has.  In Miami, I connect with students in the local arts district.  Go to where the artists are – local art schools, art parties, places where artists come to together to display and showcase their work.

David Bromstad, bedroom design

How did you go from art to interiors?

By pure accident.  I was a formally trained artist, and did what I could to make ends meet.  I built props for Disney and Universal.  I worked on prop styling, and then on creating theme rooms for kids with an interior designer.  That’s how I got into interior design, and then Design Star came alone.  I learned how to do adult interior design on national television.  It was a real experience and one of the best things I’ve ever done.
David Bromstad, Color Splash

What can we expect to see next from you in 2011?
2011 is an exciting year for me and my corporation.  I’m doing a special for HGTV, the biggest design show they’ve ever seen.  I will be surprising one lucky homeowner with a very luxe makeover.  Also look for a new art line that will be coming out in the Spring, with prints of my work in varied sizes, and at affordable prices.  And look for my bed and bath line that will be coming out in the Fall.  
Wow!  2011 is going to be a very busy year David!  We can’t wait to see it all unfold.  If you live in California, you can see David in Dublin, CA this Saturday:

January 22, 2010 
Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home INSIDE Best Buy 
4820 Dublin Blvd. 
Dublin, CA 94568 
David’s Appearance: 2:00pm – 4:00pm 

{Images furnished by David Bromstad and HGTV}
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