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I am so excited to bring you a new series on AphroChic that will run through the month of March.  I am happy to be working with the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA), an international celebration of art and culture bridging two of my favorite cities – Philadelphia and Paris.  During my trip to Paris, I was introduce to this large-scale event.  PIFA will be bringing the artistic spirit from Paris during 1910-1920, to 21st Century Philadelphia.  From April 7th – May 1st, Philadelphia will host over 1,500 artists, dancers, musicians and performers, and during the month of March I will be bringing you a special preview of some of the amazing events you can experience.


Last night I attended the first of many events to celebrate PIFA, the lighting of the festival’s iconic cube on Broad Street in Philadelphia.

PIFA Cube 2

Here’s a little video to show you the enthusiasm for this world class festival.

[flickr video=5492702512 secret=6285ba0680 w=300 h=400]

You can join the PIFA moment right here.

{This post is sponsored by the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.  Images and video by Jeanine Hays}

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