Original Art: Helping Japan

Japan Relief limited edition print-herbstkind-etsy
Japan Relief

The tragedy in Japan still weighs heavily on my mind, as I’m sure it does for many of you.  A few days ago my husband and I were watching the news and heard about the story of a brave young woman, 24 and recently married, who stayed at her emergency post while the tsunami was headed towards her town.  She did not leave her post, and instead conducted the emergency alert system saving thousands of lives.  I could not stop crying as they took her parents to her post to view the aftermath.  It looked as if a bomb had hit the building.  It was amazing to think that this young woman, who was likely sitting there watching the wave approach, did not move, but instead followed through with her duties until the very end when that wave very likely took her away.  The story of this one woman shook me to my core.  She was so young and brave, more brave than I could ever imagine being, and she sacrificed herself to save so many others.  Many in the town thanked her for her sacrifice, stating that if they had not heard her voice over the alert system they would not have sought higher ground.  So many in Japan acted heroically on March 11th, and now it is our turn as citizens of the world to do our part in acting to help those in need.  With aftershocks, and a growing nuclear crisis still facing the country, there are many ways that we can all get involved and help raise money for food, water, shelter and emergency aid.

Print 070/365

On Etsy there a number of incredible artists who are using their talents to raise money for Japan.  Many of these artists are donating 100% of the proceeds of sales to the Red Cross and other life-saving organizations.  These pieces are just a few of my favorites that speak to the need, the feeling of hopelessness and at the same time, the great feeling of hope for a nation that truly needs our help.

2 pirnts of Sun Ray Girl- Green and Golden   -5.5x7.5 giclee print each-planetmomeko-etsy
Sun Ray Girl

Help Japan. Hope and Peace Paper Crane. All Proceeds go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief-CirclePrints-etsy
Hope and Peace Paper Crane

HELP JAPAN donation poster 8x12-PerfectTwo-etsy
Help Japan

A purchase of just one piece of art can help so many.  Or donate directly to the Red Cross to help Japan.

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