High Point Part III: Lulu DK for Elite Leather

Camille Chair in Sunburst Pink Punch

There is nothing I love more than a mix of modern design and classic elements.  I love to present items that way in my own collection, and enjoyed seeing that mix throughout many of the showrooms I visited while at High Point.  Elite Leather had some striking designs that I absolutely fell in love with.  One of their new designer collaborations featured lovely, classic furniture silhouettes upholstered in bright and bold Lulu DK fabrics.

Otto in Rose

This absolutely adorable cube ottoman was on my list of favorites.  The fabric design is based upon torn pieces of paper.  The color palette is perfect for spring and summer decor.

Greenwich Chair in Plumes Rose

Feathers please?  This chair feels so light and airy in a soft, feather print.

Sanchez Chair in River Mocha

This mocha fabric print is striking on Elite’s classic Sanchez Chair.  Don’t you think?  A bit masculine, but with feminine lines, it would be perfect in a living room or study.

See more of the Lulu DK for Elite Leather collection on their website.

{Images furnished by Elite Leather}

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