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Today I am excited to bring you my latest Style Talk interview with interior designer Jeff Andrews.  A few weeks ago Jeff and I chatted by phone about his journey to interior design, his client-driven philosophy, and his work with A-list clients, including the Odoms and Kardashians.  This absolutely down-to-earth designer, who went from dance to design (amazing!), has a truly inspirational story and design philosophy that you are going to love.

Jeff Andrews Design

How did you begin your career as an interior designer?

This is not my first career. I was a dance choreographer for years. I did a lot of live shows, worked with corporate fashions companies like Reebok, and worked on fashion shows internationally. I started doing that at a really young age. I had to do the whole picture – the styling, the music, the set, everything.  I’ve always been a whole picture person.

Later, I started to do some set design for magazines because I had some friends who were editors. And then I met a friend, Eleanor Mondale, and started designing a whole house with her.  I am self-taught, had a lot of on the job training, and built my business through word of mouth.

The thing that helped me is that when I was choreographing I was doing things for corporations. There was always someone telling me yes and no. That taught me how to deal with clients. My work is client-driven and I really like the collaborative process. I enjoy feeling out what people want and turning it into something better than what they expected.  It’s not about my agenda as a designer but the process and people loving their home and environment.

Jeff Andrews Design

Tell us about your interior design philosophy?

A big part of it, if i have one, is that there are really no rules; everything is a process that has to evolve.  I think it’s important to always look at every aspect of a project. I want to get into the lifestyle of the people I’m working for – how do they live, entertain – and understand their ultimate goals for their environment.

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What inspires you as a designer?

The idea that I can create new things all the time.  That I don’t have to repeat anything and each time I start a project I can look at it with fresh eyes. When I choreographed I never wanted to repeat anything.  I never wanted to create a signature move. We all repeat certain things that are comfortable to us, but the idea of reinventing, that is really motivational to me.  I do what feels right to me.  I don’t get driven because “I need to do that because that’s so me”.  Reinventing things over and over and the chance to create something new and special is what drives me.

Jeff Andrews Design

You have had the opportunity to work with some amazing celebrities, including Bruce and Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Lamar and Khloe Odom.  Does the fact that you’re designing a home that will be on TV affect your vision?

Not really. I’m not a production designer. I worked with Khloe and Lamar and just wanted their home to look really finished. It’s different than what I did with Kris’s house. Kris and I had a really different vibe. She’s pushed me in ways that have really made me grow. The renovation that we’ve done with her house, she had the idea in her mind a long time.  It was never about designing a set, but always about designing a home that fits the way they live. Viewers will see the transformation. The spaces that I’ve done with Khloe and Lamar and Kris will be seen in the upcoming seasons of their shows.


What can we expect to see next from Jeff Andrews?

I definitely have some things up my sleeve…

Jeff, thank you so much for stopping by AphroChic and sharing your journey as a designer with us.  I am really excited to see what’s next, and have already spotted some beautiful decor in the new show, Khloe & Lamar.  Now I can’t wait to see Bruce and Kris Jenner’s renovation on the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I know it will be nothing short of amazing.

{Images furnished by Jeff Andrews Design}

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