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Lighting X Design Book Cover

I recently had the opportunity to review a gorgeous new book by lighting design guru Bentley Meeker.  Lighting X Design is filled with photos covering 20 years of event lighting.  Highlighting both amazing exteriors and interiors, this book is full of inspiration for anyone who enjoys color, event planning, and the art of lighting.

Lighting X Design

With a foreword by celebrity event planner Preston Bailey (don’t you just love his work?!), this book takes you into fabulous New York events, from museums, to loft parties, and even open-air events in the Hamptons.

Lighting X Design

On every page there is something new and spectacular to explore.

Lighting X Design page 121

And though I wish I could create an event with even a tenth of  the amazing beauty showcased in this book, even the novice event planner can take away some ideas for summer soirees and upcoming gatherings.

Lighting X Design page 120

If you’re looking for a new design book to add to your collection, be sure to check out Lighting X Design on Amazon.

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