Private 02 04 Rugs at CARROTS

Private 1

I get so happy when pretty things land in my inbox.  And I immediately fell for this line of hemp rugs by Danish design company Private 02 04.  These one-of-a-kind rugs are handmade in Anatolia, Turkey in remote villages where they are washed in the sea and then reconstructed and dyed.  The result is beautiful rugs perfect for layering and adding a bit of a rustic touch at home.

Private dyed rug

From runners to full 7 x 12 rugs, no two pieces are alike.

Private striped

Each one is simple and beautiful in its own way.  I love the black and white stripes that feel modern against the rough-hewn texture.

Private rugs on deck

These rugs are now available at San Francisco store, CARROTS.  You can contact them directly for pricing and sizes.

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