Original Art: Vigilism

The Central City Settlement

What happens when the world of art and architecture come together?  That’s the world that Brooklyn artist Olalekan Jeyifous explores.  He recently sent me some images from his series, City Settlements, and I fell in love with the city spaces that he brought to life on paper.

The Outer City Settlement

Worn, and reminiscent of areas of so many cities I have been to, each piece is part of a narrative that the viewer is free to create.

The Hydro City Settlement

As Olalekan states, “I try to evoke a notion of ‘place’ rooted in immanence and possiblity”.

Debris 02

Anything is possible in these digital media cityscapes.  You can explore more of his incredible work at Vigilism and purchase prints from his Vigilism Etsy shop.

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