Original Art: Eric Cahan

Flying Point Beach

I thought I would start this week of with some beautiful art.  I spotted the work of Eric Cahan on one of my favorite blogs, Design For Mankind.  Eric’s Sky Series immediately caught my attention.  He captures sunrises and sunsets in places around the world.  The colors in each piece are amazing.  Better than what Pantone could ever reveal to us, the natural colors in these skyscapes are so inspiring.

North Sea Harbor, NY Sunset 7: 51pm

I remember seeing skies like these when visiting Chile, where they have the most pink sunsets, and Jamaica, where the sun is more golden than anything I have ever seen before.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic 6:58am 3.19

Eric uses as many as four different cameras to capture each image.  Chromium prints of each image are produced numerous times until a seamless piece is created.

Palm Beach, FL Sunrise 6:33am

To view more of Eric’s Sky Series visit his website.  There are so many beautiful images to explore.

{Images from EricCahan.com}

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