BELDI: Beautiful Moroccan Wares

Beldi Rugs

How I love Morocco.  It’s the one place I have always dreamed of going to that I haven’t been to yet.  Moroccan poufs, tea tables, and pierced lanterns are always at the top of my list when searching for new decor, but these pieces are hard to find here in the states.  Well for others who love Moroccan design as much as I do, there is some good news.  BELDI, founded by Chafiq Ennaoui and Aimee Bianca, brings beautiful Moroccan pieces closer to home.

beldi baskets

Ennaoui and Bianca live in New York City and are sourcing unique Moroccan items including rugs, baskets, and other handcrafted Moroccan decor, and selling them here in the states.

beldi spoons

The pieces are gorgeous and the pricing is very affordable (poufs for $120!).  Check out BELDI for more beautiful Moroccan pieces.  I am absolutely in love.

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