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Last year I did a Style Talk interview with designer Marcia Prentice, discussing her role on HGTV Design School and as a writer for Apartment Therapy.  A year later, I am catching up again with Marcia as she takes on a whole new role as the Design Internet Copyrighter for Lamps Plus.  You can find Marcia sharing professional tips and information on lighting trends on the Lamps Plus blog.  Today’s she’s here sharing the latest about what’s happening at Lamps Plus.

You are a writer for the Lamps Plus blog. Can you let us know about the blog. What kind of information can readers find there? 
The Lamps Plus blog, Style Illuminated, is a collection of design related content on topics such as inspirations, tips for decorating your home, Lamps Plus lighting in real environments, and our Monday designer interview series. We have a handful of bloggers in-house and a few contributors who are freelance. Our bloggers all have diverse backgrounds and a few of us are interior designers, which means free design tips from professionals.


Any tips for lighting your living room, bedroom and home office? 
When lighting your living room select a mix of light fixtures to give the space a dynamic lighting design. Start with selecting the overall room lights (recessed lights and/or floor lamps). Add table lamps to highlight intimate vignettes and don’t forget to incorporate art lights to show off your prized artwork.  When designing the lighting for your bedroom, think outside of the box. Our first instinct is to use matching table lamps as bedside lighting. Hanging pendant lights or swing arm light fixtures are other unique options that give your bedroom a more personalized design.

LED Recessed Light (sku N9253)

What is the latest in lighting trends? Any new contemporary lighting or designer lighting that is new to Lamps Plus? 
LED recessed lights! The time has come when LED lights are more commonplace and are making their way into homes in a big way. For a quick video on how to install the LED downlights, check out our recent blog post: Switch to LEDs with New LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit Downlights.


Can you let us know what else Lamps Plus offers? Any new home decor trends for Fall in stock?
Lamps Plus carries more than just lighting products. If you browse through our website you will also find furniture and home décor products as well. Every time I am on our site I discover a new product that I didn’t know we carried. Spend a solid 30 minutes clicking through all the products pages and you will be amazed by what you find.


I recently rounded up my favorite affordable home décor products for the living room. Any of the products would be a great transition into the fall season. Happy decorating!

{Images via Marcia Prentice and Lamps Plus}

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