Bright and Beautiful Quilts at Attiser

Attiser beach-quilt 

Bright, beautiful and oh-so-comfy (they really are, I have the Seaside Savvy Quilt above and it’s perfection), I love these handmade quilts from online boutique Attiser.  Traditional Indian block printing techniques, meet modern color palettes and designs in this cozy bedding collection.  With wintry weather soon approaching I would love to get one in each color.

Attiser sage-geometric-quilt
{Sage Midori Handmade Quilt}

Attiser girls-quilt
{Sweet Nothings Handmade Quilt}

Attiser paisley-quilt
{Amethyst Amore Handmade Quilt}

If you would like to bring some modern Indian textiles home, visit Attiser for quilts, duvets, pillows and more.

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