Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Me at the base of the MLK Memorial, Washington DC, December 2011

That is me standing at the base of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington DC.  My husband and I went last month to see the amazing sculpture of Dr. King in person.  The walk to the memorial felt like a pilgrimage.  We walked past the Washington Monument, by the Reflecting Pool, and I couldn’t help but think about the March on Washington, and started to feel the weight of all of those who had come before me to ensure that I could have a better life.  When we walked up to Dr. King the tears just began flowing.  It is amazing to have such appreciation and admiration for a man I never knew.  His quest for justice touched my life so profoundly, and so today I thank Dr. King and all of those who fight against injustice.  You have changed the world.

If you are in or near DC, I encourage you to visit the memorial.  It is a truly a moment that you will never forget.

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