An Update on the AphroChic Book

I thought I would share with you an update on how the AphroChic Book is coming along.  I am learning so much about publishing, and being a writer.  It’s completely true that writing a book is like having a baby.  It’s hard work that requires a lot of attention, nurturing, prayers that it will turn out ok, and that eats up any time you used to set aside for sleeping or going out.  At the same time it is absolutely rewarding, being able to put your ideas down on paper, to direct a shoot with your vision, and to know that one day this piece of work will be available for others to bring home and enjoy.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow the Behind The Book Tumblr page where we post behind-the-scenes photos from our shoots.  At the end of each shoot we like to take a photo with the entire team, including the homeowners.  It’s a great way to document the experience, and the team that makes every shoot a success.  The image above is from one of our latest photo shoots in New York.  We have four shoots down, and twelve more to go.  Next stop…Brooklyn.

{Image taken by Patrick Cline for AphroChic.  Front row: Brittany Ambridge, Kalyn Chandler, Jeanine Hays.  Back row: Todd Chandler, Bryan Mason, Patrick Cline}

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