Kehinde Wiley Busts

Kehinde Wiley Bust: Louis XVI, The Sun King
Louis XVI, The Sun King

While doing some research for the book, I came across these busts by Kehinde Wiley.  I have been in love with his paintings since first seeing them in a Philadelphia art gallery years ago, and was very excited to see his beautiful marble and resin busts.

Kehinde Wiley Bust: After La Negresse, 1872
After La Negresse, 1872

Kehinde is a master at blending classical European art styles with modern day pictorials of African-American men.  And here he has brought his male subjects off the canvas, in the form of these amazing busts.

Kehinde Wiley Bust: St. Francis of Adelaide
St. Frances of Adelaide

I am definitely saving for one of these.  They are limited edition, signed, and absolutely original works of art.  All three of these busts can be purchased at CerealArt.

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