2012’s Latest Design Trends Available At IKEA


Last week the hubby and I went to IKEA in search of some new furniture and decor for the apartment (it’s in need of a spring makeover).  During our shopping trip, I was stunned by so many new and original pieces from one of the world’s largest furniture chains.  Turned-leg tables, handmade chairs, and gilded bowls were all among the latest offerings that caught my eye.


This beautiful Storsele Chair is handmade, making each piece absolutely unique.  It’s organic shape reminds me of something Patricia Urquiola would design.  It comes in a glossy black, and a natural shade, but I would totally buy this and paint it a bright orange or yellow.  Surrounded by white furnishings, this chair is sure to pop.


I love, love, love this Angenam Bowl.  Just think how magical a whole set of these would look with that pretty painted aluminum.  Even IKEA is jumping onto the metallics bandwagon with this stand-out piece.


This spring bold florals are in, and the Emmie Parla Rug is a celebration of that trend.  The floral motif is hand-carved into the rug for added depth.  A beautiful design, and the colors are just right.


And IKEA has also found a way to bring turned-leg style home at an affordable price.  The Isala Side Table practically knocked me off my feet when I spotted it in the store.  All that beauty and craftsmanship for under $200!  I would like two please.

While I have my 2012 catalog,  it was seeing these pieces in person that made a difference.  So go on, visit your local IKEA.  You never know what amazing things you will find.

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