MoMA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Sky Umbrella

Today I am thrilled to collaborate with the MoMA Design Store in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tibor Kalman’s Sky Umbrella!  Kalman’s Sky Umbrella is an absolute testament to how good design can make a lasting impact, even decades later.

In celebration of this beautiful integration of modern art and functionality, I decided to take my umbrella along with me for a stroll in the city.  While I couldn’t find any rain, what I did find is just how fun it is to look up at this sky-filled umbrella whether on a rainy or sunny day.

MoMa Celebrates Sky Umbrella w/ AphroChic

  MoMa Celebrates Sky Umbrella with AphroChicMoMa Celebrates Sky Umbrella w/ AphroChicMoMa Celebrates Sky Umbrella w/ AphroChic

As a special treat for you, MoMA is giving AphroChic readers 20% off all versions of the Sky Umbrella until April 30th!  This is the umbrella you will want to stroll around with when those spring showers roll in.  Just use code SKY20 at checkout.

Thank you MoMA for supporting modern art and thank you Kalman for creating a modern piece that can be enjoyed every day!

{Images taken by Bryan Mason for AphroChic}

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