Original Art: Catell Ronca

jamaica_wednesday by Catell Ronca

International artist Catell Ronca creates some of the most beautiful illustrations.  Catell, who was born in Switzerland, and now lives in the UK, takes us around the globe through her illustrations.  From Iran, to Senegal, to Jamaica, it is no wonder that her pieces are featured in books and articles that have a global perspective.

Catell Ronca

I find that Catell’s work is very Caribbean in nature – with her use of bright colors, patterns, and the way in which she draws her subject matter.

Catell Ronca

You can find her work in a number of publications.  The latest is a collaboration with Julia Rothman that will be published by Chronicle Books later this year.

Freud by Catell Ronca

And she also has prints for sale in her online shop.  The Freud Museum Fine Art Print is one of my favorites.  It’s a look at the curiosities Freud had on display during his consultations.  A unique piece of art that is sure to make a statement at home.

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