Mission Small Business: Rock The Vote for AphroChic!

The Black Door

A week ago my husband and I were taking a walk, and I came upon an incredible office building for rent.  Immediately I fell in love with details, and had to take a pic to post on Instagram.  As I shot it, I wondered what was behind that big, black door, and if I went inside where it could take me.  As always, whenever I fall in love with something, even if it’s for a moment, I became completely obsessed.  I had to find out more about the building with the big, black door, and how I could get inside.  So, I did – tracking down the realtor, setting up a tour, and then thought about how incredible it would be to go inside that space and make it my own – my very own AphroChic office and showroom, where my company could flourish and continue to grow.

Mission Small Business

It’s amazing what can happen when you really want something, because a few days after finding that space and trying to figure out how I could rent it, Bryan and I found out that Chase and Living Social were awarding grants to 12 small businesses to expand their company.  And so, last week we saw the door, and this week we plan to open it, but we need help from all of you.  To qualify for the grant program, we need at least 250 votes.  Right now, we have 27, and we need help from every one of our followers to help us to qualify.  So this is a call to everyone out there who loves AphroChic. Please take a moment to help us reach 250 votes by visiting www.MissionSmallBusiness.com. Once there, you’ll be able to either create a profile and vote, or sign in with your Facebook account. Every vote helps move us one step closer to qualifying for a $250,000 grant. After clicking “Support” on the home page, look for AphroChic and please vote for us.

Jeanine & Bryan

We thank you so much in advance, and hope that one day we can show all of you what’s behind that black door, what we have created, and bring you along for the next chapter in the world of AphroChic.

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