My Guest Picks: Minty Decor on Houzz

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I have so much fun contributing to interior design sites outside of AphroChic, and Houzz is one of my favorites.  Every month you can see my latest Ideabook featuring some of the trends I’m spotting in the world of home decor.  This month I was excited to present some minty pieces just perfect for bringing home a little color this summer.  You can view the Ideabook by clicking through the slideshow above, and be sure to visit Houzz to check out some of the other design trends I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Have a Happy Weekend!

P.S. – I have to thank all of you who voted for us last week for our Mission Small Business grant submission.  We got more than the 250 votes required, and have submitted our application.  Thank you so much for helping us qualify!

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